From drawing simple flipbooks on 3x5 cards, to "animating" in MicroSoft PowerPoint, to animating in Adobe Flash, and finally to working in 3D, I have always loved everything about animation. I enjoy watching and being inspired by other great animators in the industry, which in turn fuels my creativity even more. I've known animation is what I wanted to do with my life since a young age.

After having taken numerous classes at the online animation school, and after getting my feet wet with freelance/indie projects, I was finally able to get my foot in the door at Monolith Productions working on Middle Earth: Shadow of War, where I had the opportunity to work on both the gameplay and cinematic animation teams. I gained incredibly valuable experience working in the industry under tight deadlines, all while iterating on feedback from every direction.

Additionally, I enjoy the technical aspects of animation such as rigging and tool development. At some point in the future I see myself transitioning to a technical animator/tool developer role, pending the right environment which can use my skills.

I am eagerly searching for my next adventure and challenge, wherever it may take me.